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The professional bear

Get ready for an epic two-parter of rip roaring adventure throughout history. Some of it will be insightful, dramatic, and emotional, but jokes, my life is not a Hollywood movie... though I have always been into making movies, so there's some relevance!

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Going hunting at the market

My first food related post for this blog, and I didn't actually go hunting, but we paid a visit to the game stall! Brockley has a weekly market where we try and get our fresh meat and veg. Over the last year we've reduced the amount of meat we eat throughout the week, and this… Continue reading Going hunting at the market

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My relationship with body image

This is quite a difficult post to write about, but I want to attempt to document my experiences of how messed up body image can be - even though it's not that new a topic. This will probably be the first in a series of posts. I really dislike my body. Despite everything I try… Continue reading My relationship with body image