Though my title isn’t subtle, I’ll go ahead and re-introduce myself again as the bisexual bear, Elliot. I’m relatively new to the LGBTI+ scene, what with only coming out publicly last year. Therefore I wanted to create a site where I could document my experiences both positive and negative as I continue to live a life as an open bisexual.

What is a bear then? Well in the gay/bi community it is generally a man who is larger/hairier/beardier… though there is a long list of sub categories I could get into, but that’s for another day!

As well as sexuality I will be writing many opinion pieces on politics, detailing new and delicious recipes (I’m a big foodie), amongst other aspects of my life I feel passionate to write about. A lucky dip of a blog then! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions/stories, since this is as much about hearing other people’s voices as well as lending my own.



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