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Going hunting at the market

My first food related post for this blog, and I didn’t actually go hunting, but we paid a visit to the game stall!

Brockley has a weekly market where we try and get our fresh meat and veg. Over the last year we’ve reduced the amount of meat we eat throughout the week, and this makes us try and be tactical with our meat choices; as it costs less than eating meat everyday, we can afford to get some good single ticket items. However this week we went to the Game stall, where we found two whole pheasants for £3!!


Never having it before, especially unprepared, we thought we would take advantage of the opportunity. The seller talked us through how to skin the bird and remove the relevant portions of meat – he made it look really easy! However I think we might have traumatised a couple of children who caught sight of the butchery.

It did make us think though about our consumption of animals. I wouldn’t think I would go meat free, but one of the reasons we go to the market is to try and be more ethical when sourcing meat, and I guess at the game stall it made us think about how it can be a step above farmed produce.

For starters the animals are in the wild and are not raised in captivity, so lead natural lives, then I guess going straight from the wild to the stall cuts out the manufacturing process, and there’s even less packaging involved. All in all I think it’s encouraged us to go there more often. Now all that’s left is to treat the produce with respect, and make something tasty!


Will post our recipe for what we make with our goods. 🙂


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