Out of hibernation into 2018!

After a long sleep, this bear is about to roll out of his cave into the New Year!

As mentioned way back, this is a place dedicated to issues surrounding bisexuality and the wider LGBT community.

Alongside that I will now commit to broadening horizons and actually pushing myself in life, starting with this blog!

As 2018 begins I aim to educate myself on history, subcultures and communities that have flourished as the years have gone by.

Alongside this, here are a couple of things I aim to cover and do this year:


This has been on my to do list for a while now, but being more conscious of my identity, I want to contribute in putting more of a spotlight on Bisexuals and the Bear community. Therefore over the year I will research, interview and document the build up to what will hopefully result in a short documentary involving one of the two groups, or both!!

At Pride 2017 in London.


Despite being part of a group that generally promotes body positivity, I still can’t help but hate my body. 2017 saw me actually commit to exercise, but despite the weight loss, I want to actually build up into my ideal “bear” image! :p Along the way then I will try and open up discussions surrounding the bear culture, and how body image is influenced/perceived.

About to set off in the London to Brighton Bike Ride for BHF: June 2017


I LOVE my food :p therefore I want to start posting recipes again after failing to maintain my food blog. These will be a mixture of comfort food, veggie recipes and anything else new and exciting we come across.

Overall I want to focus on embracing who I am, be more confident and outgoing, whilst hopefully contributing towards the community that I belong to. Additionally I’ll be adding more content, but let’s be realistic for now!

Please feel free to comment, message or criticise (though no ill treatment, let’s be civil), and I can’t wait to see how this year goes.

Plus a big shout out to Marinus Terblanche for inspiring me to get back on this site!

Big bear hugs to you all xxx


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