A Bear Hug to All

Hello everyone! Welcome to my site. Following on from my about page, this will be a space for all things on sexuality, opinions, trivia, amongst other passions of mine.

A few words about myself then. Well, one of the reasons I wanted to start this blog was to lend a voice to the Bisexual community, as I fear that based on certain accounts we are in danger of being erased or not taken seriously. This played a big part in my own coming out, and I will expand on that in future, so as a result I want to reach out to others and actually immerse myself in the wider community, helping to spread the word that actually Bisexuals do exist.

I am currently in a relationship with a lovely woman who is also bisexual, yet we believe in continuing to embrace our identities and mixing with LGBTI+ social groups. I also consider myself a ‘bear’, mainly due to my larger build and beard (which I’m so glad I kept – I have such a babyface underneath). However in regards to the wider LGBTI+ community, I guess I’m rather fresh on the scene, so I welcome anyone who wishes to get in touch and widen my knowledge.

I look forward to writing more, thanks for reading! (Plus here’s a picture to put a name to a face!).



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